Be fans, be positive


Be fans, be positive

JIANGSHUO INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY Ltd. (Shanghai) founded in 2009,manages the fans industry chain related business with the internet fans as the core which include fans cultivation and operation, studio entertainment information network, TV and film publicity, etc. Its own brand, Fan Idol, takes the service for the movie star fans' demand as market orientation, opens up full range of publicity channels ,and integrate resources about film and television, stars, fans, brand resources for the purpose of creating exclusive benefits platform for fans. Using fan effect to boost publicity for movies, stars and brands while supporting value-added services publicity for Studio Entertainment.

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Shanghai Zhichuan Entertainment Established in 2011, our services include: purchasing film and TV intellectual property as investment, develop creation of our own film and TV intellectual property, produce and distribute film and TV productions domestically and overseas, as well as related businesses in the film and TV industry. Our company conducts professional film and TV intellectual property analysis, together with our experienced production team and our pool of professional media promotion resources, we have created many acclaimed film and TV productions. We maintain a good working relationship with TV stations and internet streaming platforms such as iQiyi, Youku, Tencent and Mango TV. Our professional promotion projects efficiently market the related merchandise to the fans of our artists.

Omnibearing precision marketing services


Omnibearing precision marketing services ZHIJIANG ADVERTISING Ltd. is co-founded in 2009 by’s former senior editor-in-chief &’s E-payment service director. Our core competence is the authorized e-media content, know-how of online payment flow, E-commerce and marketing & search engine optimization, and advertising tracking. Based on the team members’ comprehensive understanding of greater China and the north American Chinese markets, and the experience from serving overseas clients. We have integrated our core strengths on online advertising buying, digital content development and search engine optimization to complete our service capabilities. We look forward to working with you, step ahead from client’s business belief & objective, expand and optimize client’s digital marketing strategy, and create business opportunities together.

Headquarters: Room 506, Xiangyang Building, No.97,North Xiangyang Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai,China
Beijing: No.2-5, Zone 2, Gaobeidian new village, Chaoyang District