• 01 Jiang Shan Ru Hua A masterpiece of Siyelinglan

    A masterpiece of Siyelinglan

    The noval’s total hit rate exceeded 10 million times; The total book review has reached more than 70,000 times; Jinjiang's semi-annual list No. 1. Rank third in the Dangdang sales list of youth literary novels. Sales champion of Taiwan’s youth literary novel;

  • 02 乌贼川市系列 Ikagawa City Series

    Detective novelist Tokuya Higashigawa’s masterpiece Adapted from a series of detective novel by Tokuya Higashigawa.

    The 2014 TV comedy version achieved an average rating of 6.8%. Mass Horn has now bought the rights to four novels of the Ikawaga City Series, including “How Many Cats Do You Need for a Perfect Crime?” “Tonight is Not Suited for Exchange Killing”, “I Will Lend You the Key to the Locked Room”, and “Shoot Towards the Locked Room!”. Mass Horn will collaborate with Sina Entertainment to develop a TV series.

  • 03 小南的迷你情人 Xiaonan's Mini Lover

    Sweet love fantasy

    Adapted from a famous comic to TV in 1994, 2004, and 2015. The main cast of the 2004 Japanese TV version was Kazunari Ninomiya and Kyoko Fukada, which achieved an average rating of 9.4%. Since the end of the 2016 Japanese TV version, it has been streamed on iQiyi 38.29 million times. Mass Horn has now bought the rights to My Little Lover and will develop this into a web series.

  • 04 金汤匙 Golden Spoon

    Korean No. 1 comic

    No. 1 on NAVER Comic (Korean chart), with a rating of 9.9, and No. 1 on Dongman (domestic chart) with a rating of 9.38. Mass Horn has now bought the rights to Golden Spoon and will develop this into a TV series.